marți, 21 octombrie 2008

Sunt sanse ca WoW sa-si updateze grafica

Dintr-un interviu Eurogamer cu niste baieti de la Blizzard, aflam ca sunt ceva sanse ca grafica jocului sa fie adusa mai la zi. Developerii se gandesc la aceasta posibilitate, insa numai dupa aparitia expansion-ului World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King."It's interesting, two games have really tried that before, Ultima Online tried it and EverQuest tried it as well, and in each case it was only somewhat successful. In each case a lot of people continued to play with the original client, because it was faster, or they preferred it, or were just used to it or whatever. And so for me as a game developer, the idea that we would spend so much time and energy on something and have people go, "meh, that's not really for me," that's not very exciting.So I don't think there's really a clear model as to how to do that successfully. The model we have with Wrath of the Lich King allows people with high-end machines some additional graphical effects, and then we'll have some kind of fallback for the people who don't. Will we need a graphical update from the ground up at some point? Yep, probably. And I'm positive we'll talk about it next expansion."

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